Alihan SARAC

Alihan SARAÇ

Full Stack Developer

Who am I?

Hi, I am Alihan SARAÇ /ʌlɪhʌn sʌrʌ"tʃ"/ 👋

Born and raised in the hometown of 🐈's, İstanbul in Türkiye. I'm a curious candidate for computer engineer who loves coding and computers. In order to master computer science philosophies. I am currently improving myself in the fields of electronics, databases, web software, mobile software, desktop software, internet of things, robotics, embedded software and I am learning more and more every day. learning different disciplines by getting to know more people, so I support both university and non-university communities as an administrator or active member.

Coding and sharing my own packages/applications is one of my greatest pleasures as I enjoy developing in JavaScript, C, Linux and open source ecosystem.

My Experiences

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  • Full stack developer @ Dermoino / Pharmaino

    • June 2023 - now
      • Dermoino is the digital medical assistant for pharmacies. Patients solve the test about their skin problems by scanning the pharmacy's QR code, and then their answers are analyzed, ingredient and product recommendations are made to the pharmacist, and an anamnesis note is prepared. Pharmacists can analyze patients arrival times, skin type density in their region, pharmacists patient care and product sales statistics, and site managers can do these across the pharmacy, region or country.
      • I developed website and desktop application using Vue 3, Tauri, SASS and Bootstrap. In addition to creating and updating products, pharmacies and sales person, listing and deleting operations with advanced filters, real-time data flow, detailed charting of analyses, tracking of read receipts of tests, creation and printing of QR advertising banners for pharmacies, excel import/export, localization, responsive email template(welcome, forgot password, etc.) features are among the things i do.
      • I took care to make efficient improvements in terms of UI/UX and resource usage on the pages that patients can access using QR codes.
      • I developed REST API with Node.js, MongoDB, Docker, AWS S3, bash script(backup, migration), mail client.All improvements have been made for the features mentioned above. The API is set to log every transaction and take regular database backups and is run on a VPS.
  • Full stack developer @ BTI Bilişim Danışmanlık Yazılım

    • June 2022 - October 2022
      • I developed a B2B REST API with .Net, Dapper, LDXCOM API, MySQL to cominicate to the LogoERP and i develop and implement SSL Certificate based authentication attribute
      • I refactor of an ERP system developed with PHP and JavaScript, accelerating it and fixing catastrophic errors like cross-database sync
      • I've fixed the flow of the mobile app developed with Quasar
  • Metronom maintainer

  • Pingu maintainer

  • Embeded GitHub Timeline maintainer

  • AXE-API contributer

    • Axe API is auto definited Rest API by defining only database models and relationships between them. We use JavaScript, Knex.js.
  • Mobile App contributer

  • MaviDurak-IO Mentor Project mentee

  • Funcking Syncs API contributer

  • MaviDurak-IO Orientation Project mentor


My todos
  • knowledge

    • C, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Linux, Vue.js, React, React Native, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, Tauri.js Redis, MongoDB, Fastify, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, WebSocket, TypeORM, RabbitMQ, Nest.js, Java, Hybernate, Spring Boot, Robotic Coding, Electron, SQL, Docker, Git, Jest, AWS S3, RPC/gRPC, GraphQL, Multitasking with C/C++, Selenium

  • learning

    • Kafka, Deno, DynamoDB, Kubernetes and JS Worker, Go

  • want to learn/practice

    • Event Driven Architecture, Prometheus, More AWS stuffs, More Caching Strategies, GTK+, Unix Socket, SIMD, Elasticsearch, Rust



    • Local and free software community
    • Head of Community, Mentee/Mentor, Community Builder, Active Member
    • 2019-now
  • SaüSiber

    • Sakarya University cyber security club
    • Community Builder, Member
    • 2020-2021
  • Saü Yamaç Paraşütü Topluluğu

    • Sakarya University paragliding club
    • Trainee, Member
    • 2009-2021
  • SAU Genç Tema

    • Sakarya University representation of TEMA Foundation
    • Head of Education, Vice President, Active Member
    • 2021-now

    • Software community
    • Mentee, Member
    • 2021-2022

My Last Activities

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